August 17, 2011

a brand new bag (and what’s inside).

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if there is one thing in my wardrobe that i splurge on, it’s handbags. i tend to lean towards more functional styles for day and funkier clutches and mini-bags for evening. being in san francisco, rain and fog is always a factor, so i don’t usually get suede or nubuck bags, but this bag was too good to pass up. i bought my balenciaga acier blue velo gently used, and it’s probably one of the lightest bags i own, even filled up with my daily essentials. i can already tell that this bag is going to be perfect for fashion week and walking around the city, especially with the cross body strap.

kate spade large agenda (i’m old school!), doublemint gum, balenciaga wallet, business card case, sleeve for transit card/work ID

sephora tea tree blotting papers, nail clipper, prada l’eau ambree tester, burberry bronze lip gloss, maybelline eyeliner, balenciaga coin purse (that i use as a makeup bag), bliss body lotion, clarke’s lip gloss, mirror, club monaco sunglasses, prescriptives mascara, chanel rouge coco shine lip gloss, clinique vitamin c lip color, black pen

this is what i usually carry everyday to work, the only thing missing are my keys and a flash drive (since i never know when i’ll have to work at home). it’s been fun checking out the other IFB posts on bag contents…you learn alot about each contributor. so now that you know what’s in my bag, what’s in yours?