December 10, 2007

blow your house down.


it was announced today that martha stewart omnimedia will cease publication of blueprint magazine with the january/february 2008 issue. blueprint was one of my favorite home mags because it was a younger, fresher martha stewart living. the design, headed by deborah bishop, was gorgeous (i even logged onto typographica to find out what the fonts were), and the photography stunning. even the fashion and beauty features were interesting. it earned two golds and a silver award from the society of publication designers and was named magazine launch of the year in 2006 from the media industry newsletter.

the new blueprint strategy is to include some of the content to an expanded martha stewart weddings. with the knot adding a nest website, msw also thought it would be good to target newlyweds setting up a new home. i can’t say i disagree, but as someone who is out of college, living on their own and not married, i also need to set up a home that has moved past milk crates and particle board shelves. the popular bluelines blog will continue.

that makes it two home magazines folding this year (after house & garden announced they were also closing after the december issue. are 20-30 somethings not interested in home design and decor anymore? has domino really taken over the top slot and no one can compete? just like there is many fashion magazines out there, i think there’s room for more than one home magazine. what do you think? are you going to miss blueprint as much as i am?

pics from ebay