November 14, 2018

fresh pairing: tweed and patent leather.

the new look

zara blue tweed jacket chanel wallet on chainzara navy tweed jacket patent miniskirtzara navy tweed jacket black t-shirtzara navy tweed jacket patent skirt black white leopard pumpzara navy tweed jacket brooklyn botanical garden

hi and happy week before thanksgiving-oh-my-goodness-how-did-we-get-here? i honestly don’t know. the last month or so has been a blur of photoshoots and travel, including a trip to new york to attend the fohr conference for influencers. i mentioned that i had kind of sworn off conferences, but this one had a different feel to it. the panels were more like conversations vs. lectures, and they were led by influencers of varying backgrounds and ethnicities. i also got to meet some women like cathy from the middle page and supermodel veronica webb that i have long admired in a smaller environment where we got to actually talk.

in the past, i would have bought a shiny new look for this, but i’ve been doing a lot of shopping my closet and remixing pieces. so i took this more ladylike zara navy tweed blazer and toughened it up by adding a black tee bodysuit (my favorite layering piece), a patent miniskirt, and black and white leopard pumps. and funny enough, i got compliments on my outfit even though everything was a bit old. but it goes to show you, it’s not always about the individual items but how it’s put together. my time in new york went by way too quickly, but i was able to meet up with lydia to shoot some looks in the brooklyn botanical garden. already looking forward to my next trip back post-thanksgiving to soak up all the holiday feels.

zara jacket, madewell bodysuit, river island skirt, saint laurent pumps, chanel wallet on chain (pre-owned here), cluse watch, loren stewart short necklace

photos by lydia hudgens; photographed at the brooklyn botanical garden