June 16, 2016

the new look: khakis.

the new look

 photo jadore-couture-jean-jacket.jpg
 photo jadore-couture-bauble-bar-charm-necklace.jpg
 photo jadore-couture-gap-chinos.jpg

khakis. you probably hear that word and don’t think fashion or style. maybe you think of tech guys or the 90’s, when business casual became de rigeur. personally i think of all the great gap commercials, like khaki swing, west side story, funk, a thing called love, skateboarding (with crystal method), khaki a go-go, and one of my favorites khaki soul. it’s a shame khakis get a bad rap when they have such a rich history.

i’ve been wearing these a lot as an unexpected alternative to jeans and something about them feels fresh for warmer weather. so how do you wear khakis and not look dated? it’s all about fit and pairing them with modern pieces. here took my gap girlfriend chinos (which are slouchy but not baggy) and added a drapey white button up shirt (unbuttoned a bit more), a denim jacket, and patterned sandals, but a colorful tweed jacket (like this one) or a fun shirt would work too. heels are also key, like a feminine pump or sandal. there are lots of khaki styles out right now, from skinnier silhouettes to cargos (j. brand recently brought back their hugely successful houlihan’s…i have a grey pair) so don’t be afraid to give khakis a new look.

madewell jacket (wearing a medium), uniqlo shirt c/o, gap khakis and belt, club monaco sandals, phillip lim clutch (pre-owned here in black), super sunglasses, bauble bar charm necklace, cluse watch

photos by alex drysdale