January 14, 2016

throwback: simply red.

the glossies throwback

“i can’t imagine ever becoming bored with red. it would be like becoming bored with the person you love” — diana vreeland

the harper’s bazaar magazines from the nineties are among the best there were, with superb leadership by the late, great liz tilberis and art direction by fabien baron. even the celebrity covers were elevated and not overrun with text as they are today. also striking is how the editorals are so timeless they could be from current issues. take this one from december 1993 by mario testino done in studio with the stunningly beautiful nadja auermann. even beyond the holidays, red is a classic color choice.

“simply red” by mario testino / model: nadja auermann / hair: marc lopez / makeup: francois nars / scans from kelles at the fashion spot