January 28, 2009

they all fall down.

the glossies

in brighter, happier days

condé nast announced today after months of speculation that domino mag would be closing. the march issue will be their last. the february issue only had 14 ad pages, which even in lean times is low. back in november, there were rumblings that the mag might not make it through christmas, but ceo chuck townsend said then “the magazine is way ahead of our original plans to circulate it in the marketplace.”

i subscribed to blueprint, another shelter mag that closed ahead of its time, and now with no domino, there is no mag out there that caters to young people who rent and live in a small place or those who just bought their first home and can’t afford to buy subzero appliances and armani casa. although the design of the mag wasn’t as great as blueprint, information-wise, it was always chock full of good stuff, energetic visuals, vibrant images, floorplans, and how-to’s. unlike blueprint, the company is not going to continue any online presence, which is a shame. so i guess i’ll have to get my fix on apartment therapy or design*sponge, but i will definitely miss the thrill of the page.