March 17, 2009

holy moley…a model!

the glossies

ever since glenda bailey took over at bazaar, she’s stuck to the tried and true (and profitable) formula of putting celebrities on the cover. but when she has diverged from this path, there is one model she turns to again and again: gisele. for the april issue, she turns to the new mrs. tom brady again, and her energy and range of looks reminds me (and everyone else) why models are better at modeling than celebrities.

for an interesting twist, in her ed “supermodel muse,” she poses not only as herself, but as other one-named models from throughout the years. she nails brooke’s calvin pose, along with those from jerry, veruschka, penelope (tree), lauren, and others.

the issue is a tribute to photographer peter lindbergh, who shot all of the editorials inside and is also featured in a the gallery of images features some of his most iconic images, like the gathering of supermodels in a new york alley, an angelic amber valletta, and baby-faced kate moss in suspender jeans. even though his images don’t have a ton of variety, they are raw yet manage to bring out the best in each subject.

two all-american brunettes, one a new(er) face and one a lindbergh fave have solo eds. hilary rhoda looks stunning in “spring’s hottest looks” while crawford is featured in “great style at great prices.” both show off the great natural beauty both have…i just wish crawford’s ed was longer.

lindbergh also shoots what bazaar deems “fashion’s fresh new faces.” magdalena frackowiak, sessilee lopez, heidi mount, liu wen, and sigrid agren have all seen success in recent months: lopez was on the cover of last july’s vogue italia, mount is the current face of chanel and alexander mcqueen, agren is in the latest prada campaign, and wen and frackowiak star for gap. it’s interesting to see lindbergh to shoot “regular” fashion photography, because he has a way of still bringing a cinematic quality to the images.

overall, it’s a great issue that lindbergh lovers will definitely want to pick up (there’s also an ed with lily donaldson) and if you’re not, you’ll appreciate the beauty of seeing real models doing what they do best.

gisele editorial images from; rhoda scanned by vampirehorde at; all other images scanned by sedirea at thefashionspot