December 30, 2015

the year that was.

on a personal note

i’m so ready to say bye bye bye to 2015. it hasn’t been all bad—there have been some wonderful, amazing things that happened, and some things (ok many things) that, frankly, sucked, personally and professionally. but you know, that’s life. this crazy, amazing, tremendous, sad, depressing, confusing thing called life. we go through things and hopefully we learn and grow and are stronger for the next thing.

this year was my 11th of blogging. it’s weird to even type that. this space has always been mine to do what i want, and to some degree. i have. simply put, i keep doing this because i love it. i’ll be pushing towards some new intentions this year, both on and offline. some of that change is out of my comfort zone (yes, i’m still learning wordpress in my spare time) but good things usually come out of leaving your comfort zone.

but back to the blog…so much good has happened because of it this year and the last eleven years, and i am truly grateful for it, the friendships i’ve made, the things i’ve learned. i am thankful for all of you that visit, comment, follow, like, and lurk. i hope you have a wonderful new year and i hope all you wish for (and work for) happens in 2016…

images via obscure to demure; text via cocorrina