September 2, 2008

hidden treasures.


as an art director, i am always finding inspiration in the old and try to find ways to modernize those sparks into something i can use in a current project. when it comes to jewelry, my tastes gravitate towards antiqued pieces with some interesting touches. iosselliani, philip crangi/giles & brothers, tom binns, etc. are all designers that mix chains, colored stones, “diamonds,” and animal motifs (like snakes, claws, and feathers) to make gorgeous and intricate pieces that are more like collectors items.

this past thursday, i met lisa salzer, the artist and designer behind lulu frost, and got a sneak peek of her fall line. she’s most famous for the plaza hotel necklaces, featuring bronze numbers from the hotel hung on vintage chains, but that wasn’t even when her line got started. growing up, she spent time with her grandmother, who was an estate jewelry buyer and developed a love for antique jewelry. soon she was taking apart the pieces and reassembling them, and after graduating with an art history degree, her line (named for her grandmother elizabeth) was born.

for her fall collection, she has taken the plaza number line further with the addition of letters, used on bathroom doors and as other signage. she had the typeface developed into a full alphabet, and now the letters hang from chunky mix link chains. the line also includes found objects like brooches, belt and shoe buckles, hat pin toppers, engraved lockets, even miniature notebooks which have been turned into sparkly earrings, cool cuff bracelets, and funky pendants. lisa was an absolute joy to talk to and it’s clear to see she has a true passion for what she does, all the way down to picking the stores that will carry the line. in addition to barneys, bergdorf’s and bloomingdale’s, she selects small stores, like satine (in l.a.) and now, san francisco’s bell jar as retailers. and if salzer’s line is a bit on the pricey side for you, stay tuned because in november, she launches secret garden by lulu frost, which will retail for $18-$48.

middle image from l.a. splash