January 8, 2018

2018 golden globes: why we wear black.

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why we wear black 2018 golden globes diane krugerwhy we wear black 2018 golden globes maggie gyllenhaalwhy we wear black 2018 golden globes tracee ellis rosswhy we wear black 2018 golden globes issa rae

when i was reading up on time’s up and how some news outlets were going to cover the golden globes, i was optimistic but cautious. i remember the “ask her more” movement (started by jennifer siebel newsom) and things didn’t really change. that definitely was not the case yesterday as pretty much every celeb wore black in support of time’s up. #whywewearblack was a way for celebrities to stand in solidarity with victims of gender inequality all over the world. i loved seeing actresses like michelle williams, emma stone, and more bring female activists as their guests to talk about important causes. i loved when others like debra messing and laura dern called out the e network for pay inequality. it wasn’t all great though—e still had a “360 glam cam” and struggled with asking more substantial questions: hardly any men were asked about the #timesup movement (i only saw armie hammer and denzel washington talk about it on nbc). here’s hoping that changes as we continue through award season.

and then there was the fashion during the pre-show, i was texting with my stylist friend sara and we agreed that it takes more work to stand out in black. you need interesting details, fabrics, accessories. tailoring is crucial. i loved all the individuality: there were suits (claire foy), modified tuxes (gal gadot in tom ford), strapless (zoe kravitz), mini’s (my favorite was millie bobby brown in calvin klein by appointment), tea length (sarah jessica parker, elisabeth moss), pants (maggie gyllenhaal). sequins (sarah paulson & kerry washington), tulle, silks, and velvet (viola davis). this time around, because ryan seacrest et. al. weren’t asking celebs who are you wearing?, i had to hunt down the info, and i saw this thread from the fug girls. they did have a great point. all the fashion talk was omitted from the red carpet shows when the whole reason there are red carpet shows is to talk about the fashion. and really, there wouldn’t be a forum to talk about time’s up without the pre-shows. i know there’s a way to find some middle ground between having meaningful red carpet interviews and omgfashun. also what i really want in red carpet style is a shift from stylist to stylee. vanessa friedman wrote an amazing article about the economy of the red carpet…if brands aren’t going to be called out in coverage, then is it worth it to pay the way they have in the past? will we see more brands doing what calvin klein did, publicly acknowledging the partnerships and making donations to causes?

sooooo who had my favorite looks of the night? diane kruger in prada was my absolute favorite. it looked like something she (or anyone else) would have worn anyway…elegant, sophisticated, detailed, with an impeccable fit. i also loved issa rae (in prabal gurung), maggie gyllenhaal (monse) and tracee ellis ross (marc jacobs). interestingly enough, all women who have been known for marching to the beat of their own (style) drummer, and that didn’t change even as the idea of the red carpet did.

what did you think of the red carpet and the show and who were your fashion favorites?

photos via vogue and bustle