November 5, 2007

this is getting old.


joe zee has been at elle for four months, and so far, there’s only been 2 issues that have been any good: september (even though recently arrested lindsay lohan was on the cover) and reese witherspoon (with probably her best photoshoot ever). when zee was at w and vitals, his cover subjects were a good mix of celebrities and models, and in every case, the photoshoots were interesting because zee and michael thompson had a great personal relationship with the subjects.

now it seems zee has fallen into the trap of being like every other fashion magazine. what’s the difference between elle’s feature on kiera knightley and her feature a few months ago in vogue, except for the location? and why is kiera on the cover anyway?

well anywoo, inside the eds are actually pretty good. a gorgeous one with mona johannesson, another with linda v. (styled by joe zee) and of course, kiera.

here’s hoping elle’s new years resolution is to get it together.

scans from original sin at thefashionspot