December 23, 2013

saying goodbye to a dear friend.

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last week, d and i noticed that our cat wink was more lethargic than usual. all he wanted to do is sleep (more so than normal), and he was having trouble jumping on the bed and the couch. knowing that he was sixteen, i was happy to have such a long amount of time with him, but i also knew his time was drawing near. after taking him to the vet on friday, i was heartbroken when the doctor said that his kidneys were failing and his test results indicated something else was going on. in the end we decided that it was best to put wink to sleep.

there are so many things i miss: him following us around as we’re getting ready in the morning, seeing him mesmerized by the closet door, watching him play with his catnip mouse, or meowing to be let out on the balcony. but from the first time i saw him, on my porch at my apartment in philadelphia i knew he was special, and he’s been by my side as i moved across country, split with my ex, being laid off, new friends and new relationships. i’m very happy that ashley batz captured these wonderful images of him when she came over to photograph me for glitter guide. he was such a big part of my life, so it’s only fitting that he was a part of this feature.

i know each day will get easier but it’s still hard to adjust to life without him. i take comfort in knowing that i rescued him and gave him a wonderful life, and he gave me so much in return.

photos by ashley batz