August 27, 2008

it’s showtime.


one of the first signs that a new runway season is upon us is the appearance of show packages, what model agencies send out to promote the girls who are available to work. what originally were simply designed cards with pictures and dimensions have taken on a life of their own, with intricate bindings and packaging, illustrations, and top designers working on them.

commissioned photographer glynis selina arban to shoot each model alone on the front and in triplicate on the back. the colors and styling make each look their absolute best (including stunner arlenis) with no frills.

my favorite print package has to be supreme’s, which included a hardcover book of original artwork. the concept is kind of a hippie commune meets lazy saturdays, with each girl’s piece being completely unique. art directed by common space, the package really communicates the personality and individuality of each model in a innovative way.

one models did a very cool interactive show package (with downloadable PDF cards) with the models wearing white puritan-like dresses, floating against the textured background underscored by ethereal music. women’s package came in a fabric covered binder, with a four fold out portfolio of each woman. it was nice to see caroline riberio (shot by meisel) in the mix, along with iselin, bruna, and last season’s breakout star jourdan. i wonder who will be this season’s star…

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