February 4, 2006

hurry up and wait.


fashion shows don’t really work like most events. models are running late (because shows are every hour), clothes are late, designers wait for stars to arrive and be seated before starting. all this for 15 minutes (give or take) of time on the runway.

at the f/w 2005 shows, the marc jacobs show started 90 minutes late. people from the jacobs camp said it was because the garments were late coming from the seamstresses. others speculated it was because certain members of the front-row (lindsay, nicole, etc.) hadn’t arrived. whatever it was, some editors and buyers were not happy.

there will be definitely be some shows that do not start on time, and there will also be some last minute shifting of shows. at the f/w 04 shows, calvin klein had to move his show due to a delay in delivery from italy. it only affected one other designer, james coviello, who does a relatively small presentation. this season, the shifting belongs to proenza schouler, who were originally scheduled for february 6. some of their fabrics had not been delivered, so now they are showing at 9am on february 9. the ps fracas has caused problems for 2 shows. willow was scheduled to show in that slot, and with invitations printing and details finalized, they have to go back and make new arrangements. the other affected show is j.mendel, who shares many of the same models as proenza, and was pretty much ready to go. now mendel will have to select new girls and get them refitted in the clothes.

today it was announced that the marc jacobs show, originally scheduled for 8pm on monday, will now start at 9:30 because some of the accessories and clothing will not clear customs until late sunday night.

what i don’t get is why do the shows continue to start late because of pieces not arriving. designers are working on their shows months before the runway date, and i know there are last minute changes to be made, but delaying or moving a show the last minute causes stress for the designers and makes things hard on the press and buyers, the ones who the shows are really for. this combined with the 3-ring circus atmosphere makes me wonder if the shows will go back to small presentations that are ONLY for press and buyers. only time will tell, but until then, be prepared to wait.