August 19, 2008

flora and fauna.


dean harris creates some stunningly beautiful, effortless jewelry. after winning the 2000 perry ellis award for new accessory designer at the cfda awards, he has been a busy bee, making pieces not only for sale on his site, but also for movies and fashion shows (including marc jacobs, doo ri, and chado ralph rucci). he’s been known to use some inventive materials, such as preserved pinecones, beetle wings, and iron balls. his collection for target is elegant in its simplicity, broken into collections like cut outs, narrow leaves, peace, sculpted flora, and pods.

sterling silver pod pearl necklace, $29.99; sterling silver flower cuff amethyst bracelet, $79.99; cutout leaf earrings, $39.99; sterling silver twisted vine heart earrings, $19.99

even better, everything is priced at an affordable (and collectable) under $80, and is made from sterling silver, wood, and semiprecious jems.

pic at top of asian beetle wing earrings from and