July 30, 2012

editorial focus: la chica de rosa.

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there is something to be said for a wardrobe that stays simple and minimal on the colors but complicated on the silhouettes. it’s also something to have a signature color, the way kate lanphear wears mostly black. in “la chica de rosa,” from vogue spain august 2012, model querelle jansen mixes these concepts as she wears fall collections from alexander wang, balenciaga, celine, marc jacobs, phillip lim, and more, using rose as a base color. it’s an interesting idea, choosing a bolder color as opposed to a neutral for a signature, but it works here, as the shades of red can turn black pants into more fun, a mint skirt more sporty, or a tweed jacket more downtown.

see the entire editorial here.

“la chica de rosa” photographed by jason kibbler for vogue spain august 2012 / model: querelle jansen / styling: brian molloy / make-up: benjamin puckey / nails: canelle morris / photos from zimbio