December 15, 2006

double your pleasure.


cameron diaz and kate winslet, stars of the holiday, share cover duties on the january issue of harper’s bazaar. inside, the two talk to holiday director nancy meyers about their men (justin timberlake and director sam mendes, respectively), skinny jeans (guess who cameron’s faves are by?), and botox and plastic surgery. i guess bazaar thought cameron or kate couldn’t handle things on their own (and they didn’t know that w’s double feature cover of meryl streep and lindsay lohan was their worst seller of the year) but no matter: the girls look great in their shots and really exude confidence in themselves. neither makes excuses for who they are, and that’s something to celebrate.

also in the issue are bazaar’s best bets from the s/s collections:

the trends from new york by anthony ward featuring flavia

the news from paris by nathaniel goldberg with jessica stam and hilary rhoda

highlights from milan by daniel jackson featuring snejana

all in all, a solid january issue in a month when mags are traditionally thin. the stam/hilary ed is top notch, and snejana also looks gorgeous in her ed.

pics from faith akiyama at the fashion spot and