November 11, 2006

corsets and skinny pants for everyone.


we’re not even a few weeks into behnaz sarafpour’s go international collection that pics have leaked of the next designer tapped to do a line. you guessed it, it’s the dazzling duo known as proenza schouler. these pics were posted on fashionologie from an invitation received at jane magazine for the preview party. the line will debut in the spring and looks like it will feature some signature ps pieces: patchwork corsets, trapeze coats, skinny ankle pants,

at first, i was all excited about this collaboration because ps is one of my favorite lines, but then i read an interested blurb from radar online. the two participated in a panel discussion as part of tokion magazine’s creativity conference, and said that long-term pairings, like isaac mizrahi & target, “ruins a designer’s name … forever.”

“When you’re there for the long haul, why is anyone going to go to Barneys and buy your clothes when they can get it at Target all the time?” he added. “That gets dangerous.”

first of all, isaac has been around way longer than you guys have. and secondly, i doubt if isaac’s name was “ruined,” his semicouture collection would be in stores like bergdorf goodman and neiman marcus. nor would celebrities like selma blair, melania trump, and the olsen twins want to wear his pieces.